Cave Springs Residents To Vote On Land Annexation In November

CAVE SPRINGS (KFSM) -- One of the questions that will go before residents of Cave Springs during the November general election is whether they want to annex land that would connect two portions of the city.

During an emergency meeting Monday (Aug. 29), the city council unanimously adopted an ordinance to put the question before voters.

If voters pass the measure, a section of land west of Cave Springs, which is currently part of Benton County, would be incorporated into city limits.

cave springs annexationCave Springs has been divided into two parts by a portion of Rogers for about a decade, Alderman Jay Finch said.

"I've pressed for us to do something to put our island city back together again," said Finch, who has proposed annexing land in the past.

The strip of land would reconnect the two portions of the city.

"Trying to provide city services to a city that is divided this way is very difficult," Finch said. "It has the great potential for causing a lot of trouble."

Earlier this year, city leaders green-lighted a $70,000 special census to be conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. Mayor Travis Lee said early estimates have shown the population of Cave Springs jumped to about 4,000 residents, which is about double the number counted in 2010.

"We don't have any plans in place for anything," Lee said. "It's been like that for years, and if we can get this going and people will vote on this and say yes, that means we can start our plans."

Benton County residents have until Oct. 10 to register to vote on Nov. 8.