Adventure Arkansas: Bella Vista Bike Club

BELLA VISTA (KFSM) -- For over 25 years, the Bella Vista Bike Club has been riding all over the roads in Northwest Arkansas.

In this week’s Adventure Arkansas, we tag along with the cyclists and share in their experience of why they ride.

A summery morning means an adventure from to Gravette for Bella Vista Bike Club member, Glenda Wolfe.

"I thought well they’re my age and I can ride with this group,” said Wolfe.

And they have a lot of fun. Wolfe said, "We are trying to decide whether we are biking club that socializes or a social club that bikes."

While Glenda has been with the club for a decade, Bill Cole has been around these blocks on a bike a little longer.

"I’ve been biking since the year 1 or more, like one and a half and then riding since I was a kid,” said Cole. “I moved to Bella Vista from Iowa and I’ve been riding in the club ever since.”

Even in his 80s, Bill still averages 90 miles of biking a week!

The group typically has a couple dozen riders of all ages on its morning rides that all start at 8 a.m.

This means there’s a whole lot of experience and advice to be shared.

Another perk of group rides is the safety in numbers.

“The more people that ride in Northwest Arkansas the safer it’ll be because people will get used to seeing us on the roads,” said Wolfe.

As a road biking group, their rides range from Bella Vista, Pea Ridge, Gravette, Centerton and even north of the Arkansas border to Jane, Missouri. They also ride on the Razorback Greenway occasionally.

Even with the distance and exercise, the president of the club, Roger Arnold, said it’s all about enjoying the ride with friends.

“It’s just more fun,” said Arnold. “You know when you get out by yourself, you’re just competing against yourself, and when you get done and you’re like that’s OK, but when you have good conversations, and talk to people about different things, it’s a biker community kind of thing.”

The club rides all year long, depending on the weather.

Interested in joining the fun? The only requirement for the club is to wear a helmet. Otherwise the Bella Vista Bike Club is open to anyone, riders and non-riders.

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