Volunteers Promote Breast Cancer Awareness With “Pink Heals” Initiative

FORT SMITH (KFSM)- The "Pink Heals" National Tour made its way on Thursday (Sept. 1) to Fort Smith, pink fire trucks and all.

"I've been traveling for ten years in two or three pink fire trucks and some other things," founder, Dave Graybill said. "We've traveled about 275 thousand miles to over 450 cities, communities, counties, states."

The volunteers have served as health care supporters to women through home visits, as well as public events.

"It sends a message, it creates awareness, it creates conversation," breast cancer survivor Patricia Brown-Crowe said. "I heard about them a couple years ago in Memphis, and I called up here to the Donald W. Reynolds Cancer Support House, and I said, 'We gotta get them to Fort Smith.'

For women like Brown-Crowe, "Pink Heals" encourages them to keep fighting.

"I'm a survivor," Brown-Crowe said. "I was diagnosed in 2005, was really in good shape for about seven years, and then it came back. I'm back in the battle, and been in the battle again for four years."

The founder of "Pink Heals" wants women all over to know this is for them.

"When I raise money, or our organization, or we do any type of function, it's for the person," Graybill said. "So, we go to their door, and we bring them things. It could be just a hug, a fuel card, but when we do that, it brings the community to them."

The 2016 tour will travel from Arizona to Florida, stopping in 50 different cities. The tour will wrap up in November.

For more information, you can visit the "Pink Heals" website.