International Artists Talk Inspiration For Unexpected Project

FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- The Unexpected Project is underway in downtown Fort Smith.

At the intersection of Garrison and Rogers, across the street from Immaculate Conception, you will see what Okuda San Miguel has been working on.

"I want it to be like a small temple for all different religions, all different people," he said.

He's in town from Spain and has visited New York, L.A. and Tennessee, but this is his first time in Arkansas.

"I think the best thing is the people," Okuda said.

He painted the entire building using only spray paint. While Okuda finds inspiration from American Indian symbolism and different religions, Franco Fasoli aka JAZ, from Argentina said he’s influenced by Latin American and Mexican culture.

"I like create my own idea of collage also using all these cultures," he said.

For his mural, JAZ is collaborating with his friend Francisco Diaz, known as Pastel. They met about 15 years ago, but this is only the second time they’ve gotten to work together.

"He used to work a lot with local flora that he found around, so it`s kind of that kind of combination with his flora and my collage," JAZ said.

They’ve made quite a bit of progress in just two days, and eventually their work will overlap each other.

"We still have another six or five days to keep working, so you`re going to see a lot of things coming up," he said.

Just five blocks away at the intersection of 4th and A Streets, students from Northside and Southside are also making a mural.

"We`re going against other artists that are like big, and we`re high school students," Aleh Shepard said.

Their work focuses on the color wheel.

"This is the basics and foundation to most art projects," Kenleigh Godwin said.

There's a free app called "Unexpected FS" you can download on your phone for free. There you can find where each mural is located and learn more about the artists.

The festival will go until Sunday (Sept. 11).