Washington County Uses Billboards To Encourage Early Voting

WASHINGTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- The November general election is right around the corner, so to encourage Washington County voters to cast their ballots early, the Election Commission is trying to a new approach.

Commuters may start noticing digital billboards to head to the polls early. There are six billboards along I-49, Highway 71B and Highway 112.

Washington County Election Coordinator Jennifer Price said they really want to get as much advertisement out to voters about early voting to avoid long lines.

"[The March 1 primary was] the largest primary we've ever seen and every indicator from all the other primaries across the United States and just the interest locally, we anticipate the largest voter turnout we've seen," Price said about the general election.

The November election will also be the second time the new ExpressVote voting machines will be used by voters, which may also cause more of a wait on election day. Price hopes the billboards will catch people's eye.

"We think they'll see it within the first couple of weeks and that is the first couple of weeks in September. Early voting doesn't start until the middle of October. That gives the voters who are going down the bypass plenty of time to see it," she said.

Early voting in Washington County begins on October 24th and runs through November 7th. For information about early voting locations, click here.

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