Alma, Springdale Clash In Game Of The Week

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Springdale took a major leap forward in the 2016 season opener as they handled Conway on the road. The same team that beat the Bulldogs 42-7 in the opening round of the 2015 playoffs.

Now Springdale will have to find a way to win a second straight road game but this time Alma quarterback Noah Dotson stands in the way.

"We know we've got to stop him," Springdale coach Zak Clark said. "We know that he's probably their biggest playmaker and rightfully so. He's a very good football player."

Dotson helped Alma to a convincing win in their season opener against rival Van Buren and it was his experience, along with that of his offensive line, that helped take down the 7A Pointers.

"They're able to make adjustments during the game," Alma coach Doug Loughridge said. "Noah threw for almost 300 yards against Van Buren. They took away some of our run game so it opened up our pass game. He's able to take what the defense gives him and make the most out of it."

The Airedales beat Springdale each of the past two seasons.

"We just have to fight their weak spots on defense and just got to be able to make plays and make sure we can get in their weak spot," Dotson said.