Growth In Alma Contributes To Increase In Candidates For City Council

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ALMA (KFSM) -- A large number of candidates are looking to take over seats on the Alma City Council.

Alma Mayor Keith Greene said most of the six city council members have held their office for years and don't usually have opponents, but this year, every council member has someone running against them, with some having more than one opponent.

"It's kind of an unusual situation," Greene said. "For as long as I've lived here I have never seen this."

Greene said the growth of Alma is why people are wanting to get involved on the city council.

"All through we have just a great renewed interest in what's going on in Alma," Greene said. "Which I think is great. What is that exactly? Well I think it's just all the new things that are happening."

Greene said the relocation of Highway 162 has freed up nearly $2 million to pump back into the local economy. This is helping roads get new overlays, a nature center is in the planning process and downtown Alma is set to get a new look.

"The middle of the street there will be islands with trees and it will be decorated up nice," Greene said.

New businesses are also planning to settle in Alma.

"Atwoods just came in and got their program set up in the old Walmart building," Greene said. "Their target date is October 1."

According to the candidates set to run for the council, almost all of them say they are running because they want to make sure Alma is headed in the right direction and that they want to be a part of fostering new business growth.

"I think this is a healthy situation and we have a lot of good people on the council," Greene said. "Now we do, but the thing about it is we are getting interest from younger people that i think is going to be good in taking the city forward."

The election will be held in November.