Inside Look: Springdale’s Apollo Theater Under Extensive Renovation

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) – After decades of business as a movie theater, the iconic Springdale Apollo Theater was scrapped to its walls recently in an effort to bring new life to the area.

“The Apollo Theater will absolutely stun people when we reopen in April,” said Tom Lundstrum, a part-owner of the facility.

Lundstrum, and his business partners, have cleared the facility of its interior decorations. The signage outside the old theater was also removed.

The group in charge of the project plans to reform the structure into the area’s premiere events center.

“I have heard this referred to as the most iconic building on Emma Avenue,” Lundstrum said. “It is going to be a beautiful [and] glamorous event center. People will not believe it is in Springdale.”

The building is more than 60-year-old. It served as a single-screen movie theater. It also once served as a country music venue.

Mayor Doug Sprouse recalled growing up in Springdale, where he often attended events at the Apollo Theater.

“I have fond memories. [I] got my first kiss there,” Sprouse said. “A lot of us kid would come to the Apollo, and go to the movies. There was usually something every Saturday afternoon we would want to go see.”

Lundstrum planned to keep a few items from the original building in the renovations. However, the center will be formed to please future generations.

“The interior finishes will mirror the art deco of the original building,” Lundstrum said. “It is just something people won’t expect to see in Springdale.”

Sprouse recalled there being a life-size statue of Apollo in the original theater.

When Lundstrum purchased the venue, the statue was no longer there. Ownership said they plan to find the statue, and attempt to bring it back to the building.