Springdale Police Fight Drug Abuse With Bigger Pill Take-Back Box

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- Springdale Police get a new prescription take-back box at their department.

CVS Pharmacy donated a medication disposal box as a part of a Partnership for Drug Free Kids. Police say they want people to use this box instead of flushing pills down the toilet or throwing them away, because it’s safer.


Police say the prescription drug problem is two-fold -- the misuse and abuse of medication and then the way people dispose of the pills. When the medication is flushed down the toilet or thrown away in the trash, they can end up affecting the water system or end up in the wrong hands.

Springdale police had a smaller take-back box they purchased themselves, but they say it had to be emptied sometimes twice a day. The process of dropping off medication with them is completely anonymous.


“We don't ask for ID, we don't ask questions, we don't look at the medication,” said Ron Hritz, Springdale Police administrative captain. “We just drop it in a box or let you drop it in a box and say thank you. That's all we do.”

Police say Springdale typically turns in the most disposed medications, and they see it as a good thing.


National prescription drug take-back day is Oct. 22. On that day officers will be set up at Harps and Walmart to help people get rid of old medication, in addition to the disposal box at the police station.