ROTC Members Climb 110 Flights Of Stairs For 9/11 Memorial Run

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- The University of Arkansas Reserve Officer Training Corps, local first respondents and community members met at Razorback Stadium this morning for the fourth annual 9/11 Memorial Run. Participants ran up and down the stairs, five laps around the stadium to equal 110 stories.


The stairs they climbed represented the 110 stories in each of the world trade center towers.

Firefighters carried as much as 75 pounds of equipment that day, so some of the cadets carried their packs as they ran around the stadium. They gained a further appreciation for the physical toll the firefighters paid that day, as well as remembering their brave acts.

University of Arkansas Police Officer, J. Copelin, said he puts on his uniform everyday knowing the risk.img_7614

“It's really just a day to remember the ultimate sacrifice, to kind of keep that in mind that there are people who didn't get to go home and see their families that day,” said Copelin. “They did that to save as many people as they could.”

This is the fourth year of the 9/11 Memorial Run and members of the ROTC said they hope it will continue to grow each year.