University of Arkansas-Fort Smith Displays 9/11 Memorial

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- The University of Arkansas at Fort Smith has displayed a 9/11 memorial for several years now, giving students the opportunity to look at photos taken by people on the day of the terror attack.

"We always have some time in between classes and this is a very frequent place that people go and just kind of stop," student Paige Lokey said. "Even if they don't stop and look at it, maybe it gets them thinking about it a little bit more."

Student veteran Jennifer Hosley said Sept. 11 played a large role in her decision to join the Army.

"Of course with Sept. 11 and what it meant that our nation was at war, and needed people to help and do what they could," Hosley said. "So, I felt the call to serve."

It's been nearly 15 years since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and student veterans hope people young and old take time each year to reflect on the tragedy.

"It's nostalgic," Hosley said. "I realize a lot of the other students are much younger, and may not even remember it, but I think it's also really important to continue to remember the victims and remember the tragedy, especially for the younger generation here at [UA-Fort Smith]."

Many students said just looking at the photos has made an impact on them.

"It's definitely worth the look to come check it out and remember what's going on," student Ryan McCutchen said.

The memorial is open to the public and will remain on display in the Student Center until Sept. 12.