Local Artist Participates In Worldwide “Art Drop” Campaign

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- While you can see murals and sculptures throughout Downtown Fort Smith, you might find a little something special tucked away near those art works.

"You take mini artwork or a mini print of your work, and you drop it somewhere locally so people can do kind of like a scavenger hunt," artist Stacy Bates said.

Stacy Bates has been leaving behind some of her own art through clues she provides on social media. It's all apart of a worldwide art campaign called Art Drop.

"I'm hoping to accomplish just kind of getting everybody together and getting them downtown, getting them out to see murals, and see the art," Bates said.

People said the artwork throughout Fort Smith is worth more than just a quick look.

"It brings a little bit of diversity into your life," art enthusiast Julia Connor said. "It's great for your children to experience that. If they think that the world around them is just like it is around them, then it's kind of confusing once they get out into the real world."

The reactions from those who are lucky enough to find one of the pieces are priceless.

"Usually, they're pretty happy when they find it," Bates said. "I've had a couple people race to get to it, so that's kind of exciting and funny."

Bates said she hopes to do a new Art Drop every month.

To  follow along with Bates' Art Drops, visit her Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.