ACT Aspire Test Results To Benefit Students

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(KFSM)- Last school year in Arkansas, students in grades three through ten were given the ACT Aspire Test.

This test not only prepares students for the ACT, but it gives educators a look at the progress of each student as they work toward the later years of school.

"Those results are used to help inform educators about what's going on in the classroom in areas where maybe there could be improvement," Arkansas Department of Education Director of Assessment Hope Allen said.

Teachers, educators and administrators met on Wednesday (Sept. 14) in Alma to walk through the 2015-2016 test reports with ACT representatives to better understand the information, as well as learn how to use that data to find the areas where students are progressing and struggling.

"The test allows us to see where your student is performing well and where they have holes," Allen said. "As educators, it's our job to help fill in those holes."

Students were given the test in English, Math, Reading, Writing and Science.

"We use the results from the assessments to plan our instruction, to help students who are struggling and we use that data," Charleston Middle School Principal Melissa Moore said.

Parents will also be able to keep track of their own child's progress.

"The parents will receive all that information that we get," Moore said. "You can see if your child is showing growth and improving, which is what we want them to do."

The Department of Education plans to continue administering the ACT Aspire test each year.

Students who do not score at a "ready level," will  be assigned an academic improvement plan with their school.

For more information on the test, you can visit the ACT Aspire website.