Adventure Arkansas: Wakesurfing With Adventure Subaru

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Summer heat is in full force this week. While most people head to a lake, river or pool to swim and cool off, there are ways to actually surf here in Arkansas?

The crew at Adventure Subaru went to Beaver Lake to catch a couple waves in this week’s Adventure Arkansas with meteorologist Sean Bailey.

"It’s just quiet, mostly quiet as you hear the board going through the water," said Justin Bulla, who does internet sales at Adventure Subaru.

On a sunny summer-like day on Beaver Lake, Bulla catches air off the waves on his wakeboard. Of course to get to the air, you have to first get up.

"You use the pressure of the water against the board to keep you on your feet," Bulla explained. "Then you just raise yourself and let it pull you up over it."

His boat was even outfitted with a new attachment to help him reach his full aerial potential.

"It shapes the way the water goes around the boat," he said. "You stick it on the side of the boat. It makes it to so the wave you’re surfing on doesn’t have as much whitewash, it’s more smooth."

Another tool onboard is a wake surfboard.

"I guess it feels like surfing," said Matt Dickhut, who also works at Adventure Subaru. If you’ve never surfed, it’s feeling this balance of body centered around your core and it’s front to back and it’s wading the feet to ride the wave."

However, they are doing all of this without the motion of an ocean.

"When you are wake surfing unless the boat runs out of gas or your leg gets sore, you can continue to surf," Dickhut said. "So it’s like an endless wave that you can’t find anywhere else."

Although it’s calm, there are new moves people can add once they get comfortable.

"And once you really figure it out you can back out of the wave or you can cut and carve," he said. "You may get out of balance and then you can weight that front foot or back foot."

Whether it’s relaxing while riding a wave or flipping over a wake, Bulla said now it’s just about practicing.

"Now it’s just about getting better at the things I already know and getting stronger and able to do them better," he said.

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