Fort Smith Man Shot During Trip To Watch Football In Kansas City

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Lee Evans of Fort Smith traveled to Kansas City with friends on Saturday (Sept. 10)  to watch a Kansas City Chiefs football game, but he ended up in the hospital after being shot twice.

"We went to go watch the Chiefs and Chargers game and we went Saturday, early Saturday so we could go to downtown Kansas City," Evans said.

Evans said as he and two of the friends were returning to their hotel, they saw a man walk under the hotel awning.

"This car comes roaring up the ramp and hits him," Evans said. "The guy rolled up on the hood and fell off."

He said the man who was hit pulled out a gun and opened fire at the car, while two others exited the car and returned fire.

"I didn't even realize I was hit until maybe two minutes afterward and blood was just pouring out," Evans said.

Evans was hit in the stomach and arm. He said when the doctors were operating he was in critical condition.

Police arrested the suspected shooter, Kelvin Clark, and charged him with assault. Not only were Evans and two of his friends hit with bullets, so were four others standing in a crowd.

"He was charged with seven counts of assault, which I feel like that's kind of lighthearted," Evans said. "I feel like he should have been charged with attempted murder."

Evans is back in Fort Smith recovering at home.