President Obama Addresses Heroin Crisis

President Obama is pushing a new plan to fight the deadly heroin and opioid addiction affecting so many American families.

With the heroin and opioid epidemic killing almost 100 Americans every day, the Obama administration is now renewing its strategy to fight the public health crisis.

According to USA today, the Justice Department plan calls for law enforcement to identify links between over-prescribing doctors and distribution networks across the country.

Prosecutors are being urged to more readily share information across state lines.

“The only way that we reduce demand is if we provide treatment and treat this as a health problem, not just a criminal problem,” said President Obama.

President Obama's plan comes as opioid deaths, whether caused by pain pills or heroin, jumped 372% from 2001 to 2014.

West Virginia, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Kentucky, and Ohio had America's five deadliest rates.

Segment Sponsored By: Mercy Health Systems

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