Razorback Fans React To First Sold Out Game This Season

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)- For Razorback fans, games are full of Hog calls, tailgating, and cheering.

"It's awesome," fan, Daniel Spears said. "The environment is crazy. People everywhere, I love it. I love a Hog game."

Everyone has their favorite part.

"You can't beat the Hog call," fan, Bryce Jordan said. "I know some people may not think it's that great, but when I hear that, it just gives me chill bumps. Just hearing the Hog call everywhere here around the parking lots, it's a great feeling to be up here."

This game marks the first sold out game of the season and Bryce Jordan said he can only imagine what a full stadium is like for players.

"I've never been down there on the field myself, but I cant even understand what it must feel like to feel 70,000 [fans] down there on the field, just the noise coming down on top of you," Jordan said.

Fro the band to the fireworks, the sound of Reynolds Razorback Stadium can be heard from miles away.

"The spirit in the stadium is incredible," fan, Sydney Brooks said. "When they call those Hogs, it's game over. All of Fayetteville hears it when we call those Hogs."

Some fans are liking what they're seeing on the field, too.

"Wow," Spears said. "Austin Allen [is] clutch. I think our quarterback has really improved. I think he's shown in the first two games that he's got what it takes; he's got the 'it' factor."

Many fans said they plan to travel to see the Razorbacks take on the Texas A&M Aggies next weekend at AT&T Stadium in Fort Worth, TX.