AP Top 25 Poll: Arkansas Moves Up To No. 17


(CBS)– Following Louisville‘s 63-20 dismantling of Florida State, we all knew the Cardinals would be climbing up the rankings from their spot at No. 10, the only question was how high would the climb be?

Well, it’s pretty high. The Cardinals moved up seven spots to climb up to No. 3 in this week’s poll.

Of course, if one team climbs, another must drop, and Florida State took a tumble 11 spots down the rankings to No. 13.

Elsewhere we saw Iowa, Notre Dame and Oregon fall out after their respective losses, while Nebraska, Utah and San Diego State took their spots.

Here’s the complete AP Top 25.

1. Alabama (50 first-place votes)
2. Ohio State (4)
3. Louisville (6)
4. Michigan (1)
5. Clemson
6. Houston
7. Stanford
8. Michigan State
9. Washington
10. Texas A&M
11. Wisconsin
12. Georgia
13. Florida State
14. Tennessee
15. Miami
16. Baylor
17. Arkansas
18. LSU
19. Florida
20. Nebraska
21. Texas
22. San Diego State
23. Ole Miss
24. Utah
25. Oklahoma

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