Fayetteville Police Dept. Prepares For For Bikes, Blues & BBQ

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- As thousands of motorcyclists make their way to Northwest Arkansas for one of the nation’s largest rallies, the Fayetteville Police Department is partnering with six other law enforcement agencies from across the area to make sure the 17th annual Bikes, Blues & BBQ goes off without a hitch.

"There is a lot of preparation work that goes into this, a lot of logistics,” Sgt. Craig Stout said Monday (Sept. 19). "We have been working on this for several months now."

Stout said they will have some of the strongest security measures of any event in the area so far this year.

"In light of recent events that have happened in New York City, there have been concerns about [possible security issues]," Stout said. "We are just expecting things to run pretty much how they have every other year."

Stout said most of the arrests that are made each year are on suspicion of public intoxication and most of the people who are arrested are residents of Benton and Washington Counties.


  • RickeyD

    So then, the Fayetteville PD is preparing for the BBB Rally – really? Let me ask these questions then – please…

    1) Why must the Rally be attended by motorcycles that are illegally equipped, illegally LOUD and in direct violation of Federal Law and Arkansas State Law, 27-37-601, which specifically requires that every motor vehicle operated on the roadways of Arkansas be equipped with the quiet “factory-installed muffler” or a muffler conforming to the specifications of the factory-installed muffler?

    2) Why does Mayor Jordan and Police Chief Tabor invite the Loud Biker Cult[ure] into Fayetteville (BY THE THOUSANDS) knowing full well that 60% to 80% of the motorcycles in attendance will be illegally equipped and emitting decibel levels that are four-to-eight times+ the legal total motorcycle noise emissions (logarithmic scale) of 80 dB(A) as required and restricted by the US EPA = that 80 dB(A) being the “minimum” level of motorcycle noise emissions protection for the general public?

    When Mayor Jordan and Chief Tabor invite these LOUD motorcycles into their jurisdiction, they know full well that every municipality on the routes to and from the BBB Rally will be bombarded by the illegal noise that has been proven to be detrimental to our health and welfare, especially the health and welfare, the quality of life of our children, our elderly, our handicapped – those most sensitive to this illegal noise nonsense. Why does AG Rutledge permit these violations to our civil liberties and our Constitutional protections to continue year after year? Permit me to ask another question.

    3) What exactly transpires at the BBB Rally that could not transpire with the motorcycle participants atop a legal motorcycle, with the US EPA compliant, quiet, factory-installed muffler affixed to said motorcycle?

    4) Why must illegal motorcycle NOISE be involved in what is advertised as a philanthropic endeavor/family friendly event? Why is the Loud Biker Culture permitted to usurp the rule of law specifically enacted for the protection of our health and welfare and our quality of life?

    5) One final question please. How has the Mayor and Police Chief of Fayetteville not been held Constitutionally liable/culpable seeing that for years they have opted to trade the civil liberties and civil protections of the citizens of Arkansas for profit – for political expediency? You say…Oh..it’s for charity – really?

    How has the Mayor and Police Chief been complicit in violating the law? By conspiring to NOT enforce the State Muffler Law and local ordinance regulating the dangerous and intrusive motorcycle noise present in overwhelming numbers at the BBB Rally and throughout the State of Arkansas, yet these “law enforcement officers” provide police protection services for the law breakers i.e. the Loud Biker Cult[ure] who run slipshod over the rights and protections of the tax-paying citizenry. How can this be? Why is this permitted to continue?

    I personally performed a Freedom of Information Request for vehicular noise citations issued by the Fayetteville PD over a six-month period of time in 2015 – a time period surrounding the 2015 BBB Motorcycle Rally where many thousands of illegally LOUD, illegally equipped motorcycles were traversing the roadways of Fayetteville and the State of Arkansas – after having been invited into our area by Mayor Jordan. Guess how many vehicular muffler citations were written and related arrests made by the Fayetteville PD over that entire six-month period for violations of the State muffler law and the Fayetteville City Ordinance? Come on and guess…

    NOT A SINGLE CITATION WAS ISSUED though Chief Tabor published a BBB Rally “Chief’s Letter” several years ago on the Internet/BBB Rally Website where he clearly articulates that the #1 problem – the #1 compliant during the BBB Rally is complaints by residents regarding the MOTORCYCLE NOISE – yet the Chief and his law enforcement community have done NOTHING!

    The Fayetteville PD and Mayor Jordan are complicit in violating the law and the 14th Amendment/USC 1983…and what has been done to correct this egregious, criminally complicit violation of our Constitutional rights? NOTHING!

    It’s a good thing that monies from the BBB Rally go to support charity…but must that good deed be tainted with illegal, complicit, Constitutionally violative/tortious behavior on the part of those responsible for protecting and serving our families?

    Rick Holtsclaw
    Concerned Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles – Facebook, YouTube and WordPress

  • Larry R Deal

    Is the Fayetteville Police Department preparing to enforce the its motor vehicle noise ordinance and state muffler law many of those bikers attending the BBB Rally will surely be violating? If not, why not? Surely, it can’t be because the BBB Rally may raise some money for charities and provide some economic benefit for the city. And surely, it can’t be because the city of Fayetteville is one of the rally’s sponsors? Can it? It had better not be.

    The city’s primary role is governmental, not sponsoring motorcycle rallies replete with unlawfully caused and harmful noise making, not to mention other problems that come with events like this. The city’s police department’s primary duty is to the general public in protecting them from the harm caused by the unlawful conduct of those who attend these motorcycle rallies, not providing police escorts for motorcycle parades and looking the other way when many of those motorcycles blast away at the public with their illegally modified motorcycles. And that duty includes protecting the public from the harmful and unlawfully caused noise pollution many those motorcycle riders will be inflicting on them. Tickets need to be issued, not warnings or winks and nods. And there should be no excuses issued for not doing so.

    The public must demand that the Fayetteville PD and other authorities, such as the State Highway Patrol and Division of Motor Vehicles, enforce the state muffler law and stop giving the bikers a free pass to ignore the law just because they claim they violate the law for a good cause when they use their “charily” rides and rallies as a shield from being held accountable for their loud and unlawful conduct.

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