Flavors Of Fall: Boneheads In Bentonville

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In this flavor of the week, Melissa Hall checked out an old spice that's new to us, Piri Piri. So that's where you found Melissa and the crew, right off of I-49 in Bentonville at Boneheads.

Owner Boot Baker is a retired Army veteran who has traveled the world while serving our great country. And along the way he picked up a few one-of-a-kind flavors and spices that are truly unlike anything you've tasted before.

Boot Baker’s wife may be partial, but she knows good food when she tastes it.

"It is good, said Mrs. Baker “There's all kind of taste explosions in your mouth when you eat it. It's just so yummy."

Piri Piri maybe a pepper in name but it has a sweet flavor that pairs well with all of Boneheads fresh grilled options and will leave wanting to try it on everything.

At boneheads they run this awesome special where two can dine for $25.99. And they don't limit you on the menu. You can get any appetizer, any two entrées and dessert. We went with the bonehead shrimp appetizer. They serve it with cilantro coleslaw with an Asian salad dressing and it is so fresh. And then they pair it with their shrimp. It's been lightly fried and topped with their Piri Piri sauce. The shrimp is tender, but fried just right.

And you know your food will be cooked just right, because they start making it for you when you order.

"We have four toppings that we make daily,” said Baker. “We have cucumber dill, it's a ranch base and we had a lot of different things to that and spices it has a great smooth flavor without anything. We got the pineapple salsa which a lot of people like that on their Mahi Mahi. That's probably our most popular dish. It's very sweet with the pineapple and a lot of different flavors, including chili sauce. Then we have the Piri Piri mushrooms, some garlic and some spices it's a little hot in there actually served hot. Then we have black beans and corn which is that mixed together with cilantro and other things mixed in with it."

Boneheads has eight different fresh fish to pick from.  As Baker said the Mahi Mahi is the most popular choice. They take their fish and sprinkle Bonehead spice on it and flame broiled it. Then you get a topping on top of that. It's a sure fire fresh meal.

Their fresh fish and freshly prepared toppings aren't the only thing you need to try at Boneheads, on guest raved about their sides.

"Their grilled zucchini, its things like you make on the backyard grill in terms of flavor; it just taste fresh. The portions are good and I usually eat half then and take the other half for dinner or lunch the next day."

Plus, much of their menu is gluten free, which makes them a great choice for catering, which not only do they bring their yummy food to you, but they set it up and take it down for you too.

Make sure you head over to Facebook and check out their daily specials, like their two can dine; because with a different fresh special every day, any day of the week is a good day to go to Boneheads.

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