Food Truck Vendors Concerned About Business At Cisterna Park

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Although food trucks are now allowed at Fort Smith's Cisterna Park, food truck vendors are concerned about the amount of business they are getting.

The parking spots at the corner of Garrison and Towson Avenues are reserved for food trucks only, but vendors said the problem is getting more food trucks to the park to attract more people.

City leaders believe part of the problem is the current food truck ordinance, which only allows food truck vendors to be at Cisterna Park for two months at an additional cost, which means business owners have an uncertain future in that area.

"When city directors talk about this park and the downtown leaders talk about this park, hopefully they'll have some conversations that could really help enhance the market here," said Casey Millspaugh, Chairman of Parks and Recreation Commission.

City leaders are hoping to enhance the food truck culture in downtown by adding picnic tables and awnings and turning it into a more walkable space.

"I would love to see this area turn into a space where people can walk through easier and hang out. This might be able to develop the market better," Millspaugh said.

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  • cultureissueconfirmed

    I tried one of the trucks recently. I won’t name them because I don’t think they deserve the free ad, but it was pretty disappointing. They feature ok, not good or great food, with sit down restaurant prices. The person ordering our food had called ahead, and still ended up waiting 30 minutes. Ordered a sandwich which was ok, tried another entree, which was subpar, and tried their giant tater tots which were really good. Hey trucks, if you want to charge $10 for an entree, you won’t get any return customers if you serve a $3 product.

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