Voters Use New Voting Machines In Washington County School Board Election

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WASHINGTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- Washington County voters are using new voting machines for the Fayetteville and Farmington School District elections.

Voters are checked in on tablets and given a ballot with their bar code printed on it. A poll worker then puts the ballot inside the machine and voters cast their ballots by touching the screen.

Washington County Election Commission Coordinator Jennifer Price said voters can also review and change their choices on the new ExpressVote voting machines.

“It prints them on their ballot they have as well,” Price said. "So they can review it here on this paper to make sure that what they actually voted for shows up on the printed ballot."

Price said the old ballot boxes took longer because the ballots had to be put in the box in a certain direction. But with the new ballot boxes, ballots can go in any direction.

“Don't walk out with the ballot, that's the most important thing,” Price said. "If they walk out with that ballot it may not count. They'll have to bring it in and it will be treated as a provisional ballot."

Only Fayetteville and Farmington voters will get to cast their ballots Tuesday (Sept. 20). The other school districts in Washington County had to vote early or by absentee ballot.

In Farmington there is one open school board seat and in Fayetteville there is one at large seat as well as a Zone One seat.

“It will be a chance for them to see the new voting equipment on a much more relaxed election day versus what we'll see for the general election,” said Price.

Here is a list of polling locations:


  • Farmington Baptist Church
  • Goshen community building


  • Awakening Church
  • Baldwin Church of Christ
  • Central United Methodist
  • Covenant church
  • Sang Avenue Baptist Church
  • Sequoyah Methodist Church
  • Trinity Fellowship