Biker Organization Empowers Abused Children

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Being a biker often comes with the rough and tough stereotype, but one organization at Bikes, Blues & BBQ has a much kinder side.

Bikers Against Child Abuse is an international nonprofit organization with chapters in eight countries and in each state in the U.S. Their mission is to empower children who have been abused to not be afraid of the world.

"You see a total turn around in the disposition of a child when they suddenly realize they have a group of big, bad, ugly brothers and sisters that are there just for them," Magnum, who is a member of the BACA's Northwest Arkansas chapter, said. "Bikers are very much a family, and so we bring them in so they can become part of our family."

Magnum and chapter member Hawkeye said they grew up in very different households. Magnum called his home a loving one, but Hawkeye said he can relate to many of the children who come to BACA.

"I grew up wanting not to see [the abuse] happening and there weren't agencies or groups like Bikers Against Child Abuse in the 1950s," Hawkeye said.

The two men are brought together by their passion for the organization.

"You get captivated, when you see what these kids are going through and then their response to us when it finally dawns on them that maybe they have an advocate for them," Magnum said.

BACA works with social workers, district attorneys and police to get connected with children who may benefit from the organization's services. A group of BACA members will then meet with the child's parents or guardians and the child.

Hawkeye and Magnum both said for them, nothing is more rewarding than a child coming out of hiding and crawling into their laps.

"Before we were wrapped up [with our meeting], he was on me, [the little boy] was just sitting there as snugged up against me as he could be and that was it for me, that was the atomic energy and it's BACA forever for me," Hawkeye said.

The Northwest Arkansas chapter of BACA will have a tent set up at Collier's on Dickson Street on Friday and Saturday during Bikes, Blues & BBQ.

The group also meets every second Sunday of each month at Cabella's at the Promenade in Rogers at 1:30 p.m.

"If you're interested, you're welcome to put in an application," Hawkeye said. "We do a strong background check, we do NCIC background clearance, plus another one."

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