Bethel Heights PD Fires Officer Over Black Lives Matter Facebook Comments

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BETHEL HEIGHTS (KFSM) -- The Bethel Heights Police Department fired a part-time officer Tuesday (Sept. 27) after he violated the department's social media policy.

The department said David Hastings' termination is effective immediately after it had a chance to review the comments he made on Facebook regarding the Black Lives Matter movement.

"[The posts] completely blindsided me because I would not see this with this officer," said Cpl. Chastity Mahan, spokeswoman for the police department. "You cannot be discriminatory on Facebook, you cannot cause public alarm. When you work for the public, and are in the public view, you need to be careful of everything that comes out of your mouth. You are a public servant, and you just need to be careful."

Vida Biggins, the woman who sent the screenshots of Hastings' posts to Black Lives Matter leadership, said she is grateful the department acted quickly.

"I was so happy they did that. I think it shows most of the time police departments are out trying to do what they are supposed to do, which is protect people," Biggins said.

The department also wanted to make clear that Hastings' views and opinions are not shared by the Bethel Heights Police Department or its other officers.

The following comments were brought to the attention of the police department:


    • Dansby Parker

      It’s a gallery of 4 photos. The first one is not over the line. The second one he comments on a photo of a black woman holding a sign (I can’t read what it says maybe you can) and says “that’s retarded.” The last one he says to a black man “you are 80% more likely to show your ass” and “whites just don’t do it as often.” 5 news chose to post the least inflammatory one and practically hide the others instead of making them all visible.

  • mustang96csr

    what is wrong with what he said? I see something wrong with what the blm activist said, but not what the officer said. he is stating his opinion and that was all. is it because he said ‘they’? I don’t get it.

    • Dansby Parker

      It’s 4 photos. See my comment to SpookyB4. Click on show gallery under the first one. He called someone retarded in the second photo and told a black man in the fourth photo that he is “80% more likely to show his ass” and “whites just don’t do it as often.”

  • Citizen

    Sorry, David, that you worked for a politically-correct organization instead of one that uses common sense and extends loyalty to its employees! I see nothing wrong with anything you said. In fact, I bet you could back it up with statistics. Oh–And I agree with you.

    • Dansby Parker

      Talk about media bias. Why did you put the least inflammatory post on the front of the story and hide the other three in a gallery? Like the one where he say’s “that’s retarded” about the woman holding the sign and the one where he tells the black guy that “whites just don’t do it as much”? Then people just look at the first one which is ok and think, oh this poor man being punished for being a white man with an opinion.

  • triamrider

    Unfortunately many employers force their employees to sign away their freedom of speech in order to work. This is the case for this former Officer. This practice should be made illegal and firing someone for expressing their opinion is supposed to be protected even the Jack a__es in BLM.

  • Never go full liberal

    Hmmm, I suppose the first amendment doesn’t apply to law enforcement officers. An amendment they are sworn to protect. Sorry chief, you messed up on this one. Looks to me like he was doing his public duty and informing the public how to best handle a situation involving police, could very well have saved someones life with this post some day.

    • triamrider

      As I said, many institutions and companies now days make you sign away your first amendment right in order to work for them as is the case for this institution. I think the practice of forcing people to give up their constitutional rights to work for some institution, any institution or company should be made illegal. So you agree?

  • Doc (@Urnersoul)

    I wonder why cops are so afraid when someone wants to record an encounter with them???? So we have to rely on HIS (the officer’s) video account only??!!! And then when we discover that he and his tech cop buddies managed to alter their video, you all will dismiss this as “one bad cop.” This officers comments are startling. Although I don’t agree with the agenda of BLM, I have enough common sense NOT to speak harshly of them on Social Media. They (BLM) do a great job of that themselves with their ignorant comments.

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