Springdale City Council Approves Rezoning Land For Proposed Treatment Facility

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) --  Springdale city council voted Tuesday (Sept. 27) to rezone a piece of property that is the proposed site of a juvenile sex offender treatment facility.

The treatment facility would be built on east Robinson Avenue near Sonora.

Jennifer Turner, who lives in the neighborhood, said she believes the location isn't appropriate since there are schools nearby.

“If there is an escapee the schools will be notified and on lock down,” said Turner. "But I don't know I will be notified if it's a Saturday or Sunday or after school and my kids are outside playing...I don't know what could happen."

Turner said she's considering selling her home if and when the facility opens in the area.

“Being such a nice upcoming area, you have the park, the schools," Turner said. "But I can't imagine that a facility like that coming would increase my value of my property.”

Springdale public relations director Mellissa Reeves said before anything can be done with this land, Acadia Health must submit a large-scale development plan to the city.

“At that point the city will conduct a technical plant review and that will include several different departments," she said. "It will include the planning department, the engineering department.”

Reeves said she can't speak to when or even  if  that land will ever be developed.

If Acadia Health does submit a plan, it will go before the planning commission in a meeting that will be open to the public.

“They will be determining 'Is this developer meeting the standards required by law?' and that would be a great time for our residents to come and participate in the discussion and find out what exactly the developers are planning for this area, what it will look like,” Reeves said.

The Springdale planning commission meets the first Tuesday of each month.

Reeves said residents can check the city's Facebook page to check if the item will be on the agenda, and they can also sign up for alerts on the city website.