Springdale Teams Using Football To Honor Kyler Williams Tonight

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"The support we're getting right now, it's really helping us out, cause you know, it's hitting us at home really hard," Springdale senior Garrett Thresher said.

Springdale is a community of three high schools. But the death of Kyler Williams has united the entirety of Northwest Arkansas.

"Kyler's definitely the best player I've ever played with," Thresher said. "You know, I've been playing since I was in first or second grade, and Kyler's hands down the best player I've ever played with."

"We're gonna honor him and what he stands for," Har-Ber coach Chris Wood said. "You know, he's the kind of young man you look for to be the right type of student athlete."

"Kyler was Kyler and the kids loved him," Springdale coach Zak Clark said. "And that's evident by the way this community and the surrounding communities have rallied around him."

The memorial in front of Bulldog Stadium is one way to remember Kyler. Another is the moment that Springdale and Har-Ber will share prior to Friday night's game.

"I honestly think it'll be pretty emotional because Kyler, if he had one more, he'd want to play Har-Ber."

"It's special," Wood said. "I think it's been evident through the course of this week that this is one city, and this is a city that loves each other. That doesn't mean you can't get on the gridiron and get in a world of competition and go at it with everything you have just like you would do in your own home if you were two brothers."

"And I look forward to giving those guys a hug on Friday," Clark said of the Har-Ber players. "I know they've had a rough week, I know it's not just felt here at Springdale High, and I think it'll be good for all of us."

At least ten schools plan to wear honorary helmet decals for the rest of the season. To Bulldog teammates, Kyler will always be in their hearts.

"It's definitely some motivation, it definitely gets us going, it gets me up in the morning, gets you coming out to practice," Thresher said. "I mean, playing for Kyler, that's what we're all about."