Flavors Of Fall: Pieology

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In this weeks segment of Flavors of Fall, Megan Graddy takes us to a brick over pizzeria that is out of this world, we are talking about Pieology in Fayetteville off of MLK.

All of the pizzas offered at Pieology are a personalized artisan style which means that if you dream it up, they will dish it up, with endless possibilities.

Pieology Pioneer and General Manager, Richie Shuler, said you won't have to worry about running out of options at their pizzeria.

“I think the official number of combinations you can make with our toppings is like 78 million, its one price for unlimited toppings and we try to provide you with as many topping options as possible,” said Shuler.

The best part is you get to customize the pizza from the crust and no pizza is the same, you can come in next time and try something completely different, and the possibilities are literally endless.

In just five short minutes the pizza was baked to perfection and on top… bubbling cheese, curled pepperonis, and perfect cracker like crust.

Drew Fitzgerald and Andrew Munneke said that it was their first visit, but they are soon to become regulars.

“My favorite part about the pizza probably was the crust, the crust was good, it was cooked really well nice and crispy, I like crispy crust,” said Munneke.

“We got the Hickory Chicken Pizza, which was really great, the flavors were awesome,” said Fitzgerald.

Shuler said they are all about pleasing the customer, no matter what the request.

I have made quarters, they have said I want half this, half that, can you do just one slice with this on it I wanna try it, and we will do it,” said Shuler.

“We like when we can change it up, do anything we want, you can make any type of combination of pizza you want,” said Munneke.

“We do whatever you want, you are the artist when you come in here, it’s your pizza we are just here to put it together and make sure it tastes good,” said Shuler.

“And it’s delicious, which is the most important thing,” said Fitzgerald.

Be sure and join us for our Flavor's segment next week.

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