Community School Of The Arts Opens In Fort Smith

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Classes in art, music and acting began earlier this week for about 100 children from preschool to high school at Saint Bartholomew's Church in Fort Smith at The Community School of Arts.

Founder of the school, Rosilee Walker Russell, taught at University of Arkansas -- Fort Smith for more than 25 years. Russell's passion for music and the arts led her to offering this after-school program which will also bring entertainment to the community.

"It's a much needed program because we reach Western Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma, and several school districts," Russell said. "I think this is a much needed program," Russell added.

The school is family-focused and will put on multiple concerts, plays and productions to showcase the students' work.

According to Russell, there are currently 20 teachers at the new school to help students with theater, acting, dance and playing instruments.

"They're our future leaders and they become better leaders by participating in the arts," said Russell.

The cost of classes and private lessons vary starting from $150 a semester to a little bit more if you're wanting private lessons. To register for the Community School of Arts, click here.

The deadline to sign up for a class at the school will be in mid-October.