Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Guides UAFS Student Along Business Track

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The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery continues to help shape thousands of peoples’ lives throughout the Natural State.

That’s the case for University of Arkansas Fort Smith Senior and Marketing major Raneisha Lewis.

"It takes a lot of stress of my back," said Lewis.

She said it allows her to focus more on classwork and less on making bill payments.

When she graduates in May of 2017, Lewis would like to pursue a career in business. In particular, a managerial job in retail.

Business has been her passion since 2009 when she joined the Future Business Leaders of America, an organization that gets students ready for business careers.

"I want to work in a corporate office hopefully for some big company,” Lewis said.

About one third of the UAFS student body is an Arkansas Scholarship Lottery recipient, according to UAFS Chancellor Paul Beran.

Beran also said the scholarship has been modified to give recipients the best shot at affording school. Currently, the scholarship allocates more money at the back end of one’s educational experience as opposed to the front end.

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