Flavors Of Fall: Pepper Source

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On this week’s Flavors we are really kicking things up by visiting a 3rd generation family owned business celebrating their 25th anniversary! We are talking about Pepper Source!

You can find their sauces in many restaurants and grocery stores nationwide.

Joe Morse, third generation family member said they are 25 years strong and always looking to better the family business.

“We are very excited for the direction the company is going looking at our capabilities, looking at new products, and new food trends,” said Morse.

“We are celebrating our 25th year in Arkansas. I really enjoyed being a part of it from day one,” said Morse. “I remember my grandpa and my dad bringing me to the plant and we had the hair net and the coat on and going in there and checking out the facility and of course it’s really surreal now to be working with some of the people who have been with us for twenty plus years.”

Here at Pepper Source the Development Research Lab is where all of the magic happens, the innovation and creativity all comes to life here from their special seasoning, savory gravy, and that crunchy breading.

Morse expressed the importance of their customers being able to use their products with ease.

“It’s really great to be able to trial that not only is the product flavorful, but is actually functional in their applications,” said Morse.

Now for my favorite part, taste testing!

Chef Andrew, the Director of Culinary Innovation, is a hometown chef, but through his culture enriched experiences he has taken Pepper Source’s flavors to new heights, and you can taste it in his food.

“So here we have a pan roasted chicken with a nice sherry sage gravy, so think like a nice country gravy with a nice pan sauce, little bit of herb, little big or sherry, and that sage is a nice full fall flavor so that takes us to the holidays,” said Chef Andrew. “Next,  is a seared pork chop, like a thick cut pork chop with an apple sauce is a classic comfort combination. We have our spin on that with maple pear butter. So think like spicy pear butter with a little bit of maple and sweet, there is also a little bit of savory in there to make it a nice dinner sauce. Last we have kind of a playful fall dish; we liked to do something kind of light and healthy cuisine even though we are being indulgent. So we’ve got a nice healthy turkey burger here and the thing that we put a spin on is instead of just ketchup or a regular condiment we have a nice cranberry ketchup, so that kind of fall tie in bringing those fall flavors to life with a new exciting burger.”

This is Megan Graddy reminding you to spicy things up and try something new!

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