Broadway Bridge Withstands Implosion Attempt

LITTLE ROCK -- A historic Little Rock bridge was scheduled for demolition on Tuesday (Oct. 11), but the implosion failed to take down the historic structure.

The Broadway Bridge steel arch was scheduled to be imploded at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, said THV 11. Contractors worked during the weekend to tear down all but the structure's steel arches, removing the bridge's concrete deck and making cuts to weaken the bridge.

Charges were detonated at strategic locations that were supposed to make the bridge crumble into the river below. However, the bridge stayed standing after the detonation.

AHTD inspected the bridge afterward and determined that the charges went as planned, but they were just unsuccessful at downing the bridge. Crews then tried to use cables to pull the bridge into the river.

After holding out for hours, the bridge finally collapsed Tuesday afternoon.

The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department is working to create a new bridge, which should be completed by March 29.

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