Family Looks For Answers After No Charges Are Filed In Son’s Death

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- The family of a man who died after he was hit by a Fort Smith police officer responding to a call say they want answers after finding out charges will not be filed against the officer who hit hit him.

"He didn't deserve this," mother Angela Corbin said. "No one deserves what happened to him. He was a pedestrian in the road. I don't understand how they can say it was an accident."

Jonathan Logston's family said they found out about the details of his death for the first time after obtaining an investigation report.

"You have to look through it," Corbin said. "It tells everything; the condition of his body, what exactly happened that I did not really know until today."

According to the report, Officer Jarrod Taylor said he was driving south on Highway 271 to back up an officer needing assistance when he hit Logston. The 36-year-old was pushing his motorcycle northbound in the southbound lanes.

"There was a witness that saw him saying that he was walking his motorcycle with his lights on," Corbin said.

The report also states the officer attempted to perform first aid, but was not successful.

"It pretty much said that when he hit him, he was dead," Corbin said.

As Logston's family searches for answers, they said they want him to be remembered for the good he did.

"They just loved him, everybody liked him, everybody knew him," Corbin said. "He worked for the railroad. He was a very successful person, very likable, outgoing. I will never see him again."

The medical examiner from the Arkansas State Crime Lab determined Logston's death was an accident.

The family said they plan to continue seeking more legal counsel.


  • rivervalleyrealist

    The only reason this is an issue is because it was a cop that hit him. If a civilian would have hit him it would have been case closed. Dude was pushing a motorcycle down the highway illegally. Was a tox report done on the dead guy?

  • triamrider

    It is just a normal part of grieving to seek blame for an unfortunate accident. I am sorry for you loss. It is a normal part of American life to seek a punitive award through civil litigation for everything. That is sad as well. It has made us a nation of the fearful and disconnected. There was a time when a person who accidently hurt someone could approach the family and apologize and share the pain but no more.

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