Dispatcher Fired, Officer Resigns After Inappropriate Relationship

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OZARK (KFSM) -- The Ozark Police Department and mayor launched an investigation Wednesday (Oct. 19) after a police officer and Franklin County dispatcher were caught having an inappropriate relationship at the police station.

Mayor T.R. McNutt said he received a memo Tuesday morning notifying him of the incident between the male officer and female dispatcher. The officer was suspended Wednesday and resigned Thursday morning (Oct. 20).

"The administrative assistant gave me the memo and that's when I found out about it," McNutt said. "I called the [police] chief and that's when he advised me he had suspended [the officer] without pay for five days."

According to McNutt, the dispatcher had just finished her shift when she went to the police department where the officer was on duty.

"This is not a common thing," McNutt said. "We haven't had anything like this since I remember. It's just an incident that came up here recently and we've got to look into it and see where we're at. This is not our police department. We have a fine police department and a good reputation."

McNutt said he expects the investigation should be completed by early next week. He also explained the dispatcher was fired by the county since that is who she works for.


    • Tina Cluck

      It was you that was spouting info on May 12. Was that pillow talk, when you told the world that Cody Jack Franklin had a bad heart? You seem a little ticked. CECILFRANK was an officer killed in the line of duty. Unless you are a real person, you really shouldn’t dishonor his sacrifice by using his name with this drivel. It doesn’t seem to matter to the news how corrupt things are in law enforcement in Franklin County. They seem more interested about the bedrooms. Or maybe just any press release will do. The right way to handle Color of Law violations is through the Department of Justice. I don’t think they care about the bedroom scene. Well, unless an officer is using his power to coerce…. affections. I wonder what the ladies in the county could add to that conversation? Should I ask the DOJ how many of those stories they need? Or I can give you their phone number. You seem really up on the gossip. Here is one: (202) 514-4609. Be real careful there though, this is a big can of worms if you open it. That number really is for the DOJ. If you quote me, put the ” in the right spot. And try using the … a little less. It is a bad habit. Screen names, in the DOJ, mean nothing they go straight for IP addresses. I suggest you leave off this crap of trying to discredit people. It is going to backfire. We will know soon, if the Mayor really cares what happened or not. I hope he is smart enough to call in some neutral party. We all know how dependable some Franklin County officers can be. (If some of you guys really believe in the white hat concept, call DOJ yourself. I can’t imagine the professional embarrassment this ignorance is causing good officers.) Until we know the truth, you, CECILFRANK, need to keep your gossip to yourself.

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