Local Trump, Clinton Supporters Turn To Final Weeks Of Election

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Arkansas (KFSM) -- Several local Arkansans' are turning to the final weeks of the presidential campaign after the last of three debates between the two major party candidates.

The end of the debates was a long time coming for those who cringe at the thought of this year's presidential election.

For ardent Donald Trump supporters, skipping Wednesday's (Oct. 19) debate wasn't an option.

"Just to stay well educated on the candidates," said Allison Thompson, a Trump supporter. "It's always important on where they stand on issues and sometimes and sometimes you just can't trust online."

Kylie Watkins, a Clinton backer, said now that the debates are over, the focus turns to the final weeks of the campaign and getting people to the polls.

"Having good conversations with people who may not necessarily be 100 percent for Hillary, but just to engage and talk about the high points and get them interested as well," Watkins said.

Thompson, a young Republican and a University of Arkansas Fort Smith student, said she's excited about the election. She's confident Trump will not only prevail, but change the American conversation for the better.

"He does well under pressure, he's honest with his voters, he's running a good campaign," Thompson said. "For the first time we have someone who's not a typical politician, and I think it's a good think for American, so I'm really excited for it."

Missy Darwin Kincaid, a Clinton campaign volunteer, said the democratic nominee will end up weathering everything that has been thrown at her during the campaign.

"One of her greatest strengths is her resistance, her perseverance," when she wins, she's going to roll up her sleeves and do everything she can for the administration to serve Americans and honestly a world leader."

Early voting in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley starts Monday (Oct. 24).

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  • Randy Ingle

    Two of the worst candidates in modern history! That being said I have little choice but to vote for Trump as I certainly do not trust Hillary and our Supreme Court is in the balance.

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