City Leaders Discuss New Trails In Fort Smith

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Runner and bikers rejoice, new trails could be coming to Fort Smith.

The Trails and Greenway Committee has a few proposals in the works including a project being called the Landfill Loop. The trail would circle around the city's landfill along Highway 45 for about four and half miles and would be built on city-owned property.

"We don't have to acquire any land from private individuals, so we don't have to buy property, which will make it a little cheaper for us," Parks Chairman Casey Millspaugh said.

According to Millspaugh, the Landfill Loop would accommodate people living in Fianna Hills and Chaffee Crossing.

Parks and Recreation leaders are also discussing expanding the Greg Smith River Trail, which runs along the Arkansas River and connects Harry E. Kelley Park to the proposed Rice Carden Trail. The Rice Carden Trail begins on Garrison Avenue and runs north along the Clayton Expressway. The expansion would add up to two and a half miles of trail at about $350,000 a mile, Millspaugh said.

Once Rice Carden Trail is finished, city leaders plan to connect the end of that trail to Fort Smith Park. Construction on the Rice Carden Trail will start in a few weeks and should be finished at the beginning of 2017.