Van Buren Entertainer Threatened After Clown Craze

VAN BUREN (KFSM) -- Mr. Jingles is an entertainer at the Haunted Prison in Van Buren. He's played by Matthew Crabtree, a man with a true passion for horror films.

"A lot of scares," he smiled, reflecting on his life, "A lot of clowns."

Crabtree even played a monster in a 2014 horror movie. Just check IMDB for 'Crawl or Die'.

His passion, however, hasn't come without a cost. He said he's received horrific threats over social media thanks to the clown craze sweeping the country.

"It`s hard for us entertainers to go out like we are without people threatening us," Crabtree explained,  "And we would just like you to understand that."

But the threats haven't taken away his passion for what he hopes to make a career of.

"It hasn`t changed my mind. This is how I grew up. I like to entertain people. This is my job. This is what I do. And I`m not going to change it for anybody."