Campaign 2016: Medical Marijuana Forum

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — Supporters for and against the medical marijuana issues on the November ballot met in the 5NEWS studio on Monday (Oct. 24) for a forum.

Supporter of Issue 6 David Couch, supporter of Issue 7 Ryan Denham and Benton County Prosecuting Attorney Nathan Smith joined 5NEWS political analyst Larry Henry on set to discuss the issues.

They discussed the differences between Issues 6 and 7 and the arguments against them.



  • lurker48

    The prosecutor in the middle statements just proved it’s about Big Pharma not getting their cut. As far as gateway drug goes, that’s ALCOHOL. Plain and simple.

  • Sandy Ryers (@RyersSandy)

    We can’t wait years! We are in horrible pain and dying and we want to die like ourselves not driven insane by pain. Medical cannabis helps period. It sometimes cures period. There is a huge difference between a chronic pain patient or a dying patient and a drug addict. I am a chronic pain dying patient and I know thousands of others through my support groups who try there very best to not be dependent on anything. They won’t take the opiates their doctors prescribe because they don’t want to be dependent but at the same time are crying for mercy from their pain. Medical cannabis is the best option and my doctor said he would prescribe it in a heartbeat and it’s the only thing that would help me as we’ve tried all the opiates which by the way have much worse side effects and are much more addictive and dangerous. Please, please don’t make us suffer any longer. This is our last hope. I take the Marinol they speak of. It’s only THC and it’s addictive cause they add something to it to make it that way. The medical cannabis contains the parts of the plant that are healing instead of just the psychoactive parts and is not addictive to patients in pain. There is a difference between someone seeking drugs to escape something in their life or for the high and patients who don’t want to take anything but require and need something for unimaginable pain! Please vote for medical cannabis.

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