Fort Smith Paranormal Group Featured On Travel Channel

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- They’re a team that appeared on Travel Channel’s 'Ghost Adventures'.

“It was great. It was fun. It’s always neat to see the other side of the camera.”

Adrian Scalf didn’t always believe in ghosts.

“In 1999, we lived in a haunted house and I didn’t believe it. My wife tried telling me that it was haunted and I was like, 'no way.'”

He believes now, but not until moving to a second haunted house in 2001 - right here in Fort Smith.

“In 2001 we bought the house that we live in now, and we had just lived in there for a short while and thought, this place was haunted.”

Five years later, he helped begin River Valley Paranormal with his partner, Tina.

“I’ve been a medical professional for 30 years, and any time we get an opportunity to go into a medical facility, I just love it," beamed an excited Scalf.

He’s talking about the Fort Chaffee medical complex. It burned down in 2011.

“This hospital was out there, abandoned. We asked for permission to go out there and they gave it to us. There was a lot of talk about it being spooky. But spooky doesn’t necessarily mean haunted.”

The group investigated and made a final verdict.

"Yeah, it was definitely haunted.”

River Valley Paranormal is giving presentations at the Fort Smith Public Library. Often, their work is community-involved. On Thursday (Oct. 27), they'll give a presentation in Van Buren with a goal of collecting canned food for River Valley Regional Food Bank.