Treasured Family Painting Discovered In Fort Smith Antique Store

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Antique stores are always full of stories and Fort Smith's Belle Star Antiques is no exception.

"We have all kinds of funky, unique stuff that you won't find elsewhere," said owner Beth Templeton. "So no matter what you're looking for, at least you're going to be on a treasure hunt when you come in here."

With 60 different vendors, the inventory in the store is so unique -- it also holds some surprises.

"A customer came in and she was carrying (this) painting up front to me and she just had tears in her eyes," explained Templeton, "And she said, 'Beth, where did you get this?'"

What came next was a surprise.

"I just said I bought it off a guy; it was hanging in an office building," Templeton said. "This was painted by her nephew's partner, who had passed away years prior, and they had only seen it once."

Templeton's store has seen so much success and touched so many lives that she expanded to a new location after six years in business. The new location is on North B street, just a block away from the old shop.

"With The Unexpected murals, we have so many people coming to Fort Smith as a destination," she said. "It makes for a really fun work environment."