U Of A Fort Smith ROTC Cadets Experience Military Training

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- From Blackhawk helicopter rides to marksmanship training, the University of Arkansas Fort Smith Reserve Officer's Training Cadet Corps (ROTC) cadets got the training of a lifetime Thursday (Oct. 27).

"The cadets got to do and see some of the risk assessments and do some of the basic military training and then they got to come out here and see some of the results of their efforts," University of Arkansas Professor of Military Science Chad Quayle said.

This experience will not only help cadets with hands-on training, but it will help them decide what branch they want to join once they graduate.

"It's an opportunity to speak with the officers in the aviation field and get to know how it all works and what it actually takes to be an aviation officer," cadet Albert Spanel said. "Overall, it'll just give me a feel for what it is they do and how they do it so I can compare it to other fields."

The officers said experiencing the firearms range and Blackhawk flight to Fort Chaffee definitely beat studying in the classroom.

"It's a morale thing for them," Quayle said. "You can study about it all the time, but when you go out there and you actually do it, and you're lifting off in helicopters and you're putting rounds down range, it's something that's very motivating for the cadets. We try to use that to reward them and motivate them, as well."