Zippy The Dog Steals Hearts In Kissing Booth

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- The annual Cause For Paws Fundraiser helped raised money for the Sebastian County Humane Society on Friday night (Oct. 28).

Director Joe Sprague said more than 400 people came to the event, which sold out for the first time.

The night featured a meal, live music, and auctions to raise money for shelter pets.

The Kissing Booth was the main attraction, which featured Zippy, a handsome office dog that makes appearances with the humane society.

"He's my partner in crime," said a proud Amber Neal, human education volunteer. "We go out to schools and give humane education. He's our sweet little man and we just love him to death."

Zippy has been with the humane society for about five years. Although his name might sound funny, its origin is anything but. Someone tried to neuter Zippy with a zip-tie when he was younger.

Sebastian County Humane Society's goal is to become a no-kill shelter. Fundraisers like Cause For Paws are helping them toward that goal.

"They're amazing dogs that could make a great family member," Neal said.

Events like this also help to show the community what great pets shelter dogs make.

"They get exposure, so they're actually able to get out into the community," said Neal, "Then the community becomes aware that we have special dogs, dogs that are amazing. Not dogs that are broken or messed up."