Caniglia’s Leadership Guides Wolverines To Playoffs

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CENTERTON (KFSM)--There may not be a player in the 7A West that has more of a leadership role than Bentonville West junior Sebastian Caniglia.

"He's definitely one of the leaders of our team that got us here. When you talk about winning three games in the 7A West, a lot of people didn't think we'd win one," coach Bryan Pratt said.

"Just the fact that people look up to me and I see the freshmen still looking up to me. I talk to them still and they're excited for that little chant we do to go out, they're excited to hear me lead it," Caniglia said.

Caniglia grew up with a father that had played high school football, and older brothers to mess around with in the backyard. "I would always play football with my big brothers and I just liked hitting them, so why not hit other people," said Caniglia.

Pratt said, "So he's the guy that's kind of the quarterback out there on defense. He gets us lined up and gets us where we need to be so we have a chance to be successful."

The junior has broadened his skills on the field since preseason camp. "Being able to call out where everybody goes and being able to call what play the offense is about to run, I think that's what helps [Coach Pratt] trust me," Caniglia said.

Playing both offense and defense, Caniglia has guided the Wolverines to the playoffs, where they'll host a first round game. Bentonville West is 3-6 overall, but 3-3 in conference play. They close out the season Friday night at 7pm with the first ever rivalry game against Bentonville.