Springdale Elementary Schools Hold Mock Election

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- Students at Springdale schools participated in mock elections Tuesday (Nov. 1).

Students voted on computers as part of Every Kid Votes, which is a mock presidential election in which more than a million kids nationwide cast their ballots.

"I was really excited because this way  one experience that we get to do and I was like really excited to help people vote on who they want it to be," Willis Shaw Elementary School fifth grader Anna Claire Stubbs said.

Stubbs was a poll worker during the election. Her jobs was to show her classmates how to cast their vote and she has a theory on how the other students voted.

"It depends what grade they are in and it depends on how much leadership they have and what good qualities they have," she explained.

Fellow fifth grader Will Langley also worked the polls and said he liked hearing about what his classmates thought of the candidates.

"I got to learn a lot about the people and I got to hear a lot about what they thought instead of what I thought," Langley said.

But he said hearing their opinions did not change his mind.

"I stand firm on what I think, but it gives me more debating room and I see why people would think what they think," Langley said.

Every Kid Votes has correctly picked the last three president-elects and the students in Springdale are excited to see if that will happen again this year. Springdale schools elected Hillary Clinton as the winner of the mock election. She also won in schools across Arkansas.

To view the nationwide results, click here.

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  • Never go full liberal

    The fundamental transformation is almost complete for the globalists. I bet if they knew that killary was responsible for other children’s deaths in the middle east, they would not be voting for her.

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