City Of Bella Vista Hires Goats To Get Rid Of Pesky Plants

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BELLA VISTA (KFSM) -- City leaders brought in four-legged reinforcements to help get rid of poison ivy and other unwanted vegetation near Bethnal Road on Wednesday (Nov. 2).

The Greedy Goats of Fayetteville will be helping clear out this area, in addition to three more places in Bella Vista next year.

All across the country, goats are being hired for these gardening jobs. The Greedy Goats cost $1,300 for the month of November.

Bella Vista Trails Coordinator, Kay Curry says the best part about using goats is that the process is natural.

"We want to preserve our native plant species and animal species and there's a relationship between those two," said Curry. "We want to bring back our natives where we have invasive coming in, so we feel this might be a way to do that with the least amount of impact on our environment."

The goats will be kept behind an electric fence while working and will eat away the weeds until Nov. 10. The city asks that visitors try not to bother the goats and keep dogs away.