Dismantling Of Thaden House & Enrollment At Thaden School Underway

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- Design plans are still in the works for the Thaden School, but administrators opened the application process to families Thursday (Nov. 3).

The school will eventually sit on the old Benton County Fairgrounds. The Thaden School is named after the famous pilot, Louise Thaden, who was born in Bentonville.

"Our system will be open through the month of January, and we are just very excited to see the great expression of interest in this school," Head of Thaden School Clayton Marsh said.

The school will be open to selected students in the fall of 2017.

"We will give equal emphasis to the humanities and the sciences, and we'll also be teaching students how to understand the connections across the disciplines," Marsh said.

Part of the proposed campus will include the childhood home of Thaden. It was spared from demolition after protests from residents in Bentonville.

"It will be very much a part of the school campus," Marsh said. "Whether it's as a standalone structure or integrated or woven in some way to another structure is still an open question."

Over the next several weeks, workers will take the home apart in three sections that will be stored to eventually be included in the new school.

"We are thrilled as a school to have this opportunity to work with the community to protect and preserve an important part of its history."

Tuition for the new school will be based on a family's income. Tuition will range from $500 a year to over $24,000. A public meeting to discuss details of the school will be held on Nov. 16.