Har-Ber Linebacker Gains National Attention

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- Har-Ber linebacker Oliver Nasilai is one of the area's highest touted recruits, and now he's had his first collegiate offer.

The news made Nasilai's coach, Chris Wood, proud.

"It was real emotional when he called and said BYU had offered, cause for me when you look at college ball you want guys that are gonna plug the gaps," Wood said. "I know everybody's looking for these guys that can run all over the place but at some point you gotta bow up and fill a gap, and Oliver can do that.

Brigham Young University's offer took Nasilai by surprise as well.

"When I got offered, I felt sick," he said. "I didn't know how to feel, it was crazy. I felt like I accomplished something but I definitely wanted more."

It also helps that Nasilai has the support of his team behind him.

"It's great, he's one of our brothers and to hear him get an offer like that, something that can change his life it's great," said Hayden Hill, a Har-Ber senior.

Nasilai's role model was his teammate, who happened to be his older brother.

"It was an awesome experience, I would never trade anything for it," he said. "He just kept me on track at all times and he really helped me develop into the player I am."

Wood explained what made Nasilai such a gifted linebacker.

"As a linebacker he's unbelievable," Wood said. "He's got that size and physicality to him. He's got good feet but he's so explosive in his lower body and hips I mean I've seen him blow up offensive linemen and he just gets through holes. I mean, probably one of the better linebackers I've ever been around. I know he's one of the best I've coached."

There's another advantage Oliver has, thanks to family tradition.

"My dad is from Tonga the island, and so he grew up playing rugby," said Nasilai. "So in my sixth grade year, my brother and I started playing rugby."

Nasilai is torturing offensive lines, getting college attention, and the scary part? He's only a junior. He still has another year to rake in collegiate offers.