Parents Outraged After Principal Dresses As Trump, Secretary As Clinton In Prison Garb

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STAUNTON, Va. – Some parents are outraged after the Principal at Robert E. Lee High School in Staunton, Virginia  dressed up as Donald Trump and a school secretary dressed as Hillary Clinton in prison garb for Halloween.

A photo of pair was posted on the school’s website in a Halloween photo album of costumes worn by students and staff.

The photo shows Principal Mark Rowicki dressed as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and secretary Stephanie Corbett dressed as Hillary Clinton, wearing an orange jumpsuit.

The photo has since been removed.

Since the photos went public, parents in Staunton have criticized the administration for the “politically charged costumes” on school grounds.

One of those parents was Emberly Lynn Martin, who graduated from the high school and has two daughters.

“I don’t care who you are or are not voting for. You are professionals, who work with children. Some more impressionable then others. The fact that any school official would think it’s okay to dress like this leaves me appalled and floored,” Martin wrote on a Facebook post with the controversial image. “What message are you sending to any of them when their high school principal dresses up like a man who wants to deport them, says things like “she’s a nasty woman”, or “grab em by the p—–?”

Principal Rowicki told WHSV that he didn’t mean any harm by the costume and apologized to anyone he offended.

Rowicki said the kids usually dress up at school on Halloween, so they just wanted to take part in it as well to connect more with the students.

Dr. Linda Reviea, Superintendent of Staunton City Schools, released at statement on the school’s website that read:

“It is a longstanding tradition of Staunton City Schools—and of many school divisions across the United States—to allow students and staff to engage in festive activities and dress in costume for Halloween. That said, the particular costumes worn by two employees at R.E. Lee High School were in poor judgment, given the current political climate and the extraordinarily strong sentiments for the 2016 presidential candidates. I became aware of the situation on Tuesday night and instructed our staff to remove the images in question from Lee High School’s website today (Nov. 2). We are handling the situation as a personnel matter and addressing the issue with relevant staff.”

There is no word if the costumes will lead to any disciplinary action for Rowicki or Corbett.


  • Barbara Mayes

    she hopes everyone else is as intolerant as she is? I think she has too much time on her hands. of course they shouldn’t lose their jobs..geez, it was for halloween. some people will get offended about anything and everything. smh…how about people grow a spine.

    • Carol Smittle

      I agree Barbara Mayes. I am so sick and tired of hearing how Trump wants to deport all Hispanics. No he doesn’t. He wants people to be here legally and if you are not here legally (that means having gone thru the immigration and getting a card saying you are here legally, for the ones who are not going to read this whole thing), then yes, he wants them deported back to where they came from. No matter what nationality you are. I agree with this. I also wish people would just grow up and get over themselves and this “politically correct” crap. If you cannot take what is being said, then by golly go to a country that will cater to your sensitivity.
      P.S. I don’t believe for one minute that he harassed all those women. If he had, I think they would have come forward a lot sooner than this.

      • Garris Dolphy

        Carol Smittle. Far too many women do not come forward for the simple reason that people chose to not believe them and instead choose to believe that the abuser simply “would not do that”. How many children do you think have reported being inappropriately touched, only to have some unbelieving adult dismiss the accusation? Vote however you are conscience led to vote, but please do not discount the testimony of victims so generally; he has admitted to sexual assault….if some principal, teacher, minister, or undocumented citizen publicly admitted to the same thing, would you be so trivializing of the victim testimony? Whether or not you think this is politically motivated, have the decency to at least not publicly shame those who blow the whistle….that simply empowers abusers and further victimizes the innocent.

  • arnold fudpucker

    Whining liberal are disgusting. Why not get in a huff about important things? for instance, who is picking up the tab for obumma and moochelle to jet around the country campaigning for HiLIARy? Typically outgoing presidents remain in the background and do not actively campaign for their successor. Just another example of obumma being totallly without class.When are the repubs going to grow a pair or get a spine?

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