Terrifying Photo Of Giant Spider Nicknamed Charlotte Goes Viral

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Courtesy: Barnyard Betty's Rescue/Facebook

It’s like a terrifying scene straight out of a Harry Potter movie, except this time, it’s real.

Photos of a giant huntsman spider that was rescued in Queensland, Australia, last year are going viral — and people can’t believe their eyes.

“Yes, she is very real and very large and not photoshopped,” Barnyard Betty’s Rescue, a local animal sanctuary that rescued the spider, explained in a Facebook post on Thursday.

Though alarmingly large, huntsman spiders — with leg spans of up to 12 inches — are generally known to be gentle, harmless creatures.

This hairy, 8-legged spider nicknamed Charlotte is living proof.

“She was a beautiful, calm spider, not aggressive in any way and like most spiders she just wanted to go about her business eating bugs and living in peace,” the rescue organization explained. “She didn’t or doesn’t need to be killed! Poor spiders are so misunderstood!”

Courtesy: Barnyard Betty's Rescue/Facebook

Courtesy: Barnyard Betty’s Rescue/Facebook

The photos have been shared by 75,000 people since they were first posted in October 2015.

“I’m not sure why now but she is going absolutely viral and become an internet sensation,” Barnyard Betty’s Rescue wrote.

The internet has been fascinated by spiders lately. Last week, a haunting video of a huntsman spider carrying a whole mouse in its mouth up the outside of a refrigerator captured everyone’s attention. Some even called “Mouse Spider” the next “Pizza Rat.”

But Barnyard Betty’s Rescue assures you there’s nothing to fear from Charlotte.

She’s a “magnificent girl,” the group said.