SpringCreek Church Holds Election Eve Prayer

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM)-- The 2016 election is said to be the most polarized election thus far.

In order to alleviate some of the campaign tension, SpringCreek senior pastor Rick Grace invited the community to unite in prayer at a service at the church in Springdale on Monday (Nov. 7).

Grace said the prayer service wasn't about praying for a specific candidate or political party, instead it was about uplifting the nation as a whole.

"On the evening of the election we need to gather and whoever wants to come and just pray for our country we aren't praying for a particular political party. We aren't praying for a candidate, we're simply praying for our country," Grace said.

The year and a half campaign cycle is finally coming to an end on Nov. 8th, and Grace said hopefully then the nation will be back at rest.

But until then Pastor Grace hopes people will step away from the mayhem for a minute and just pray together as a unit.