Flavors Of Fall: Fork And Crust Pie Company

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For this week’s Flavors, Megan Graddy was at Fork and Crust Pie Company; they are preparing for the fall holiday and are the perfect way to start a new family tradition.

Owner and Operator Lori Rae handmakes the pies from bottom to top because she believes pie brings people together.

“I know, I don’t know what it is, it’s magic,” said Rae.

What is it about pie that’s so special?

“See I can’t figure that out, I’m telling you pie is really therapeutic there is something about it,” said Rae.

What about the secret ingredient?

“We have lots of secret ingredients,” said Rae.

Pie isn’t just Lori’s job though; she said it’s helped her family through some hard times.

“My third child, by surprise that she had a heart problem, it was just an emotional time,” said Rae. “One day she saw something about hand pitting cherries and making a pie. For her, it just took all of that pain and unknowing and stress of what was happening to her, but you know that’s why I say pie really found me, because I wouldn’t have done it.”

To Rae, every slice counts.

“Pie just feeds your soul I mean it’s therapeutic, it’s just family, pie is really family to me,” said Rae.

With the holiday sneaking up on us, Lori is encouraging everyone to pre-order for both pick-up and delivery by Friday, Nov. 11.

And what’s pie without ice cream? Lori paired with a local ice cream shop to give her customers the full pie experience.

“Pie is just that thing to me that kind of blends people, relationships, we want to be a part of their celebrations and traditions,” said Rae.

At Fork and Crust Pie Company, you will have a hard time deciding what you enjoy more, the company or the pie.

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